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On some changes of the decisions of the Accreditation Board 13 July 2020

Note: The documents listed below are only available in Albanian.
To view their content, click on the link: Decisions from the meeting of 13 July 2020
  1. Decision No. 46, dt. 13.07.2020 “On a change in ABD no. 35, dated 14.05.2020 “On the accreditation of the third cycle study program, Doctorate in "Pharmaceutical Sciences", of the Private University "Albanian University”.
  2. Decision No. 47, dt. 13.07.2020 On a change in ABD no. 26, dated 14.05.2020 “On the first accreditation of the second cycle study program, Professional Master in "Logistics and Maritime Safety", of the University "Aleksandër Moisiu ", Durrës"”.
  3. Decision No. 48, dt. 13.07.2020 “On the accreditation of the first cycle study program, Bachelor in "Senior Specialist in Film and Media", with profiles: "Directing"; "Scenario"; "Camera"; "Editing" of the "Marubi" Film and Multimedia Academy”.