Quality Assurance Agency in Higher Education


Based on Law no. 80/2015, "On Higher Education and Research in Higher Education Institutions in the Republic of Albania" and DCM no. 109, dated 15.02.2017, "On the organization and functioning of the Quality Assurance Agency in Higher Education (ASCAL) and the Accreditation Board (BA) and on the setting of tariffs for quality assurance processes in Higher Education", as amended, and in accordance with the Instruction no. 29, dated 10.09.2018 of MASR "On the activity and teaching load of academic staff in higher education institutions", as amended, ASCAL conducts analytical and comparative assessments in the context of monitoring, evaluating academic quality and compliance with the quality standards of the institutions and programs offered by them, prior to the first and subsequent accreditation assessment.

  • Format for filling in the data on the annual engagement and teaching load of the academic staff in the HEI