Quality Assurance Agency in Higher Education

ASCAL Holds Training Meeting with EET for Accreditation of Study Programs of Agricultural University of Tirana

As part of the accreditation for the first time of 16 study programs (Bachelor, Professional and Master of Science) of the Agricultural University of Tirana, ASCAL held a training meeting on Friday, May 3, 2019, at the premises of Hotel "Mondial" with the external evaluation experts engaged in the process. The meeting was attended by 16 experts who will participate in the evaluation process of these study programs and the ASCAL staff.

The training of the evaluation experts was carried out by the ASCAL Director, Mr. Elvin Gjevori and the ASCAL specialists. The experts were introduced to the new quality standards adopted by DCM no. 531, dated 11.09.2018. They were explained how to draft External Assessment Reports and use the ASCAL AMS system, where they can access all the documents sent by the Higher Education Institution as part of these assessments.

The Agricultural University of Tirana is the first institution to start the evaluation process with the new quality standards.